My Journey on Xbox Live


This blog is represents just a bit about what my final project in this class will be about: Xbox Live. I have had Xbox Live for over 10 years already and have made many good friends through it as well, many of which I’m still gaming with to this day. This blog talks about a few of my good memories throughout the past ten years on Xbox Live.

Back in 2006, one of my good friends sold me his original Xbox to me for $50 (yes fifty). I remember begging my mom to take me to the nearest GameStop where I would purchase Halo 2 because that was the game to have. Since I was still under 17 at the time, I needed an adult with me in order to purchase a video game with a mature rating. original-xbox.pngAnyways, I got the game, went home, and immediately threw the Halo 2 disc into my new Xbox. I was so excited, perhaps too excited, that I completely forgot that in order to play online I needed to get Xbox Live, and Xbox Live costs money.


So, I’m in 6th grade and have to fork out $50/year for a subscription to Xbox Live. Great. What do I do? Well, like any young kid would do I asked my mom (again) if she would be so kind as to let me buy a subscription to Xbox Live as an early birthday gift. She said yes so I grabbed her credit card and typed the credit card numbers onto the screen faster than anyone could possibly imagine. I made my gamertag, got connected, and immediately went into my first ever game of Matchmaking on Halo 2. It was a Free For All on Lockout. maxresdefault.jpg25 kills to win, BR start. (yessssss). I was so unbelievably excited that I played for the entire day and started to make some friends with the people who I was getting matched up with. I added all of the players I met onto my friends list and would try and hop online whenever I’d get out of school to play with them again. I was responsible enough at the time to always get all of my homework out of the way first so I’d have the most time of being able to play Halo 2 with my new friends that I met through Xbox Live.

Long story short, this continued for years. I soon started getting really into the Halo community and began to join a few online forums where I got to meet even more awesome Halo players from all around the world. Many of the players that were part of the Halo forums I was registered on would set up custom games that lasted into the early hours of the morning. And believe me, as a kid on summer vacation with nothing to do in the summer, Halo took up a LOT of my time for the three months I was out of school.

Those were some of the best memories of my childhood and I’m very thankful to Halo and especially Xbox Live for making those memories so great and especially nostalgic whenever I play Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Xbox Live today.

XboxLiveStarterKit.jpgLong live Xbox Live.


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