Why I Love Rocket League


For my blog this week, I want to talk about a new game that I got for my Xbox One, and that game is Rocket League. I have heard so much about this game from my friends who have had it for PC and PS4 for a while now, and finally Psyonix—the company behind the awesome game—released it for Xbox One, and I had to get it.

First off, I was so happy when I heard the news that this game was coming to Xbox One since it’s the only console I own and it’s the one platform I do all of my gaming on. After I downloaded the game for the sweet price of only $20, I immediately jumped into multiplayer and got down to it. Let me start off by saying that Rocket League is a very addicting and one of the most fun games that I have played in a long time. I think that the fact it’s so enjoyable comes down to the simplicity of the game itself. It is basically soccer being played by rocket powered cars, it doesn’t get any easier than that. There are four gametypes which you can choose to play and they take place on a variety of different levels, which are all different soccer fields if you will. There is a 1v1 duel mode, 2v2 doubles, the standard 3v3 mode, and a “chaos” mode where it’s two teams of four facing off against each other. Each and every one of these gametypes is absolutely incredible. I spend most of my time playing 3v3 with two of my other buddies and time absolutely flies when you’re playing because of how much fun we’re all having.

What’s also great about Rocket League is that it truly holds strong to the statement that less is more. This is a very barebones type of a game and offers so much for so little, and I’m not only talking about the game’s price. What’s awesome about this game is just how easy it is to play and how basically everyone can enjoy playing it. It doesn’t take much skill to learn how to play and it’s a game that I can’t build up any anger over (trust me on this). I believe that having a game that’s easy to play and can be played for hours upon hours and still be considered fun is a winner in my book.


I also want to say that this game has such an awesome developing community that listens to their fans input on what they think about the game, what they believe should be implemented/removed, and what they would like changed. Psyonix has many of their employees on the Rocket League subreddit on Reddit.com and they also answer and communicates with fans of their game via Twitter and Facebook as well. This makes the game so much more enjoyable from the perspective of the gamer since they’re able to instantly communicate their comments or concerns about the game they’re playing and have it be read by an actual employee from Psyonix. This is what makes game developers great, and Psyonix has surely made a hell of a game which I highly recommend buying!

Seriously people, Rocket League is amazing. Please get it!