Halo 5 Debuting at the X Games

Recently, I came across an article that mentioned that the iconic first person shooter Halo 5 made its debut at the Aspen X Games this weekend. Top players from all over the world came to Aspen to take part in the Halo World Championship Tour which offers more than $2 million in prize money (!!!).


Many long time veteran Halo players, as well as some new faces, made their way to Colorado to compete in the tournament and compete in a series of iconic game types for gold medal (Slayer, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill). It’s crazy to think that video games are now taking part in extreme sports competitions, but it’s only going to grow from here.

Over the years, competitive video gaming has become a sport in its own and the people who are playing these games take what they do incredibly seriously. When the Halo team Evil Geniuses’ Justin “Roy” Brown was asked what his expectations coming to the X Games were, he responded by saying “I feel very confident in my team’s ability to win at X Games. We will be the most experienced roster in terms of the amount of tournaments we have all competed in, so I feel we will all be very comfortable on this stage.” For many of these players, it’s not their first time competing, but it definitely is a first time for all of them competing at an event such as the X Games.

The events will be broadcasted live on ESPN, bringing the audience that watches the X Games into the inescapable realm of Esports, and face-to-face with the reality that video games are more than just a “waste of time”.

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