The Worst Offenders in the Workplace

I found an interesting article online that said that the most tech-savvy staff in a workplace are the worst offenders. According to Intermedia, a staggering 93% of office workers “engage in some form of unsafe online habits that could jeopardize their employer or their customers.” I find this quite surprising since the article goes on to explain that most of the people who have access to company data and help keep it secure–IT personnel–are the ones that are actually taking advantage of the workplace’s resources and going against workplace policies. Some of the statistics are listed below:

  • 32% of IT professionals have given out their login / password credentials to other employees (compared to 19% across all respondents)
  • 28% of IT professionals said they have accessed systems belonging to previous employers after they left the job (compared to only 13% among all respondents)
  • 31% of IT professionals said they would take data from their company if it would positively benefit them – nearly three times the rate of general business professionals.

On top of these numbers, 41% of employees will install apps on their work computers without consulting their IT department. With these kinds of activities going on, it’s quite obvious how data breaches, compliance failures, and data loss occurs.

Some additional things I’d like to note here is that last bullet mentioned above. 31% of IT professionals admitting to taking data from their company to benefit them. If that’s the case, businesses will have a much harder time picking out the right, and most importantly, trustworthy IT professional to handle and secure all of that sensitive information.



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