Yet Another Tech Support Scam…

So there’s another “tech support” scam going around on the internet and it’s quite ridiculous so I thought I’d share a blog post about it this week. In this one, a user visits a certain website and is told that they need to enter a “safe key” which will unlock their browser in order to continue using it. The instructions are pretty unclear other than that the user has to call a phone number to obtain this so-called “safe key”.


But wait, it gets better! Not only do these “attackers” lock your browser using a bit of JavaScript to make the pop-up appear, but they also appear to have put the exact “safe key” that stops their own scam into a script which can easily be viewed by looking at the page’s source. passkey2

The fact that the JavaScript function’s name is “lol()” makes it quite clear that these attackers probably made this attack pretty quickly and didn’t really have anything in mind other than to annoy the visitor of their website and have them call a bogus number and get the unlock key, which sits in the site itself the entire time. Also, they seem to believe that it’s pretty funny too?



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