Hacking a Baby Monitor?

Think about all the things in homes nowadays that have a connection to the internet. Computers, TVs, phones, and a lot of other “smart” devices and appliances that are beginning to appear on the market. Of those many devices, you can now add baby monitors to the list. There are baby monitors being made that connect to a WiFi network and offer an audio/video stream of an infant while they’re sleeping in their crib. Now, when you think about it, it’s not such a bad thing right? Parents can check on their child through an app on their phone and see when they’re asleep and get notified whenever the baby starts to cry or moves.


I think that this is pretty cool, but what I don’t think is cool is how easy these WiFi enabled baby monitors are to hack into. According to The Brandon Sun, many of the top baby monitor manufacturers are making baby monitors that are incredibly easy for someone to hack into and not only see your child(ren) sleeping, but also gain access to other devices that are connected to the same WiFi network, such as a laptop with lots of sensitive information stored on it. This is primarily due to many of these monitors not having an encrypted data stream and unchangeable passwords that could be found in a manual or online by anyone.

It must be an incredibly discomforting feeling knowing that you’re not the only one who can watch your precious baby sleep. Yikes.



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