Scams, Scams Everywhere…

I remember getting a call not too long ago from a man with a heavy Indian accent telling me that my PC was infected and needed to be fixed immediately. I didn’t particularly care for the person calling nor the dramatic issue at hand (sarcasm) because I had heard of people getting these calls from fake “certified” Microsoft centers before and read about them online. I even managed to find a hilarious video of a guy who trolled one of these scammers (trust me, it’s worth it to watch it til the end).

Anyways, I recently read an article about how these scammers are starting to target more international audiences in different parts of the world and are telling people the same old lies that their computers have become infected with some sort of virus. They go on to mention that the only way to remove it is by giving control of your computer to them and being forced to pay for complete removal of these claimed infections by installing an anti-virus program onto your computer. Seems legit right?

A Japanese version of a fake Microsoft support page.

What I find quite disturbing is the fact that people actually fall victim to these kinds of scams. First of all, how do they even know what operating system you’re running the moment you answer your phone? Secondly, giving a total stranger complete control of your computer is quite possibly the worst thing you could do, ever. And lastly, being forced to pay for them to install a bogus anti-virus program onto your computer which is most likely a virus itself is just ridiculous.

These call centers are stating to pop up all over the world and now have fluent speakers of different languages calling people in countries such as Japan, Germany, China, and Spain. Most of the victims to these scams reside in North America, but with the recent addition of these international callers, more people in more places of the world will be targeted.